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Brand & Product Package


Strategic branding, targeting and product design led to product manufacturing and expansion from single campus store to national online shop.




MUNCH Jerky™

It all started in 2020—on a golf course in New York, where founder Selim Dangoor was munching on local jerky. Inspired, Selim dedicated his pandemic quarantine to learning how to make premium flank beef jerky. And after several batches, he succeeded. Hand-crafted with no nitrates added, gluten-free MUNCH Jerky is a healthy meat snack to fuel you on your journey!


Expand Into Digital Sales

Initially selling jerky on Central New York college campuses by word of mouth ("WoM"), MUNCH Jerky wanted to reach a larger audience by expanding into the digital space with an online shop. However, the brand still lacked a solidified identity, target audience, and packaging.


Brand & Product Package

In order to build a recognizable online shop and sell this healthy jerky snack to the ideal customer, MUNCH Jerky first needed to solidify its target audience and develop its brand identity. Working with the founder to solidify the best fit campus audience, changes in professional athletics rules became the deciding factor: college athletes could now accept sponsorships, creating opportunity for this jerky to be the go-to collegiate athlete snack, leveraging its WoM and garnering user-generated content that could lead to larger sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

Once the target audience was established, brand messaging, voice and brand identity quickly followed, along with a 50-page brand book. With branding completed, it was applied to new product packaging mockups, newsletter templates, and a website with online shop.


Mass Manufacturing

Upon project completion, the branding and packaging mockups were provided to manufacturers, and used for the first batch of the newly branded MUNCH Jerky. Post-pandemic, the product launched online, and has successfully sold-out several batches.


Brand & Product Package

Brand Strategy

Researched market segmentation; developed target audience and messaging with psychographic information; established brand voice with founder.

Brand Identity

Created brand logo, color scheme and typography using Adobe CC; crafted all brand content per product across platforms, including website, social media, newsletter, and packaging; exported over 300 final assets for print (CMYK) and digital (RGB); created 50-page brand book; made product user guides for client.

Newsletter Design

Designed branded newsletter templates with product focus using Squarespace Email Campaigns.

Editorial Design

Produced 50-page brand book created in Adobe InDesign and formatted as technical guide; original content and designs highlight brand voice, logo use guidelines, naming conventions and mockups across all brand products.

Packaging Design

Designed packaging prototype and mockups with Adobe CC for first publicly sold jerky batch.

Website Development

Developed and designed branded mobile-first shop website in Squarespace with custom coding; created landing page lead generation form for launch announcement.


Visual Samples

Brand Identity & Packaging

Developed and designed brand audience, identity, packaging prototypes and content across all product platforms totaling over 300 final assets.

Brand Book

Created all content for and produced 50-page brand book formatted as technical guide.


Target Audience

Establishing the Right Audience

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Website & Online Shop

Developed and designed branded mobile-first shop website with sample customer flow.​


Designed branded newsletter with product focus.



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