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Film Funding, Production & Distribution

My Big Bad Wolf

This 36-minute, 16mm film and HDV psychodrama features original script and score. Produced with a successful crowdfunding campaign, additional marketing led to press, a premiere event, and distribution.



Internal Client

The Girl Mirage

A Geena Media brand, The Girl Mirage is Geena Matuson as multidisciplinary artist using the surreal to explore the ephemeral and shine a light on societal perceptions. An avid experimental filmmaker, her work uses a variety of visual and aural components to engage the viewer while subliminally communicating an underlying message. Filmmaking techniques include multi-channel and looping video installations, Kuleshov Effect, and one-shot filmmaking, with mixed media including 16mm film, video, traditional and digital painting, photography, audio and sound design.


Produce Film on Limited Budget

My Big Bad Wolf was designed to be an experimental 16mm and HDV film employing a range of media and techniques while utilizing numerous props, special effects, cast and crew—and shot on location. Additionally, the 18-page script was written over the course of a year with a projected 36-minute runtime (i.e. 2 minutes per script page); this meant the film would require funding, time and support to move this story from script to screen.


Fund, Produce and Distribute Film

In addition to funding this film, the overall project included the production of this film with its many practical and special effects, its post-production and distribution, and its premiere event. To bring this film to life, a crowdfunding campaign was designed as both a marketing initiative, and as a means to finance the film.


Successful Funding Campaign and International Reach

The project reached and exceeded its $5,000 crowdfunding campaign goal in 1 month, also landing 7 press listings and features across print and digital, including an international feature with FilmFreeway. The final film was shot in 8 days spread over 2 weeks, and immediately entered into several months of post-production. The final 36-minute film My Big Bad Wolf was screened at 5 festivals and, after its premiere event, was distributed online with platform IndieFlix.

My Big Bad Wolf

My Big Bad Wolf is a 36-minute, 16mm film and HDV psychodrama based on some familiar fairytales with original script and score. With effects and footage reminiscent of films from the 1970s, this narrative short film will make you question the difference between a dream, and reality...


Film Funding, Production & Distribution​

Scriptwriting & Pre-Production

Wrote original script; created all shot lists for both shooting and editing; created full-length animatic timed per shot; scheduled cast and crew, created call sheets; coordinated location use with property managers, equipment needs, and production team; worked with props team to develop custom devices for filming and on-screen effects.

Producing & Funding

Research, strategy, development, management and execution for film product, marketing, distribution and premiere event; successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign reached and exceeded $5,000 goal in 1 month; plus funding allocation. Casting director; hired cast, crew, fire spinner, and musicians; location scouting, rentals and partnerships; permissions and contracts; securing equipment; sourced product vendors.

Branding & Marketing

Created all content, designs and materials for marketing across print, web and social media: fundraising campaign, film premiere event, press and personal portfolio website. Managed correspondence with crowdfund supporters, press and PR, leading to 7 press features across print and digital.

Directing & Cinematography

Directed cast, crew and DPs ("Directors of Photography") on set and on location within designated timeframe and scheduling. Cinematography using Bolex 16mm film camera with custom kaleidoscope lens, and HD video camera. Created practical effects for water locations; worked with professional fire spinner to create fire content for specific scenes.

Post-Production & Sound Design

16mm film development and transfer to digital video; file management; video editing in Adobe Premiere; color grading; creation of additional behind the scenes video content. Sound design and mixing included original foley audio and sound effects; worked with musicians for original film score.

Premiere & Distribution

Designed all film branding and marketing collateral, DVDs, giclée art prints; worked with product vendors to author DVDs; managed, and distributed all crowdfund rewards. Premiere event marketing, production, hiring and management with physical venue. Film screened at 5 festivals, generating IMDb film page. Distribution with online screening platform IndieFlix.

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My Big Bad Wolf

My Big Bad Wolf is a 36-minute, 16mm film and HDV psychodrama based on some familiar fairytales. A couple is living in the woods, a nondescript place out of time. The couple’s relationship is deteriorating, as they have confused love with possession. The two bate each other, constantly playing mind games. But are these mind tricks really… games? The girl starts seeing herself—a “double” of herself—and wonders if it’s just a dream, or if her reflection has escaped into reality. Her own mind deteriorates and she is finally confronted—with herself.




Chelsea Ross Miller
Vasilios Asimakos


Producer, Writer & Director: Geena Matuson
Cinematography: Geena Matuson, Geoff Briggs
Production Assistance: Keith Zorn, Tara Neves
Boom & Sound Recordist: Rick Desilets, Geena Matuson
Electrical, Grip & Props: Seth Wereska
Fire Spinner: Jeremy Day
Post-Production & Sound Design: Geena Matuson
Soundtrack: Moth Vegas



Select Features

2016 | Finow Int’l Film & Script Festival, Studentenclub Eberswalde e.V., Germany
2015 | Promotional Feature,
2013 | One To Watch Award, Red Wasp Film Festival, StageCenter Theatre, Bryan TX, US
2013 | Germany After Dark Horror Festival, Germany
2013 | My Big Bad Wolf Premiere, prod. Geena Matuson, Pozen Center, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston MA, US
2013 | Article Feature, ‘Funding for student’s ‘Big Bad Wolf’ film is down to a thriller countdown,’ Cambridge Day,
2012 | Cover, Photo of the Year Bronze Medal, Better Photography Magazine


Visual Samples

Producing &

Original script with animatic and shot lists were created prior to scheduling. Casting was held, locations scouted, equipment secured, and scheduling call sheets were all completed for filming.

Props & Effects

Worked with team to develop custom devices for filming practical effects outdoors and with no electricity for entirety of shoot.

Water Effects

Captured and created practical effects for filming in water, such as visible water reflections.


Props and Rigs

The film was entirely shot outdoors in nature at AMC Ponkapoag Camp, a Blue Hills Reservation site with cabins, woods, and a lake. With no electricity, all light sources were either natural light, or battery-operated lights used exclusively after sunset. The crew were able to ‘rig’ nature to work for the film; a lighting rig, along with numerous camera dolly rigs, were constructed between trees and on dirt paths to enable filming in the woods. (This did not include the professional fire spinner hired to create controlled fire shots for a specific scene, which was filmed in a sand pit in another location.)

In addition to lighting and camera rigs at the campsite, rigged props (or “practical effects”) were used on the set. One such prop was a knife that needed to appear as though it had been plunged into the actor’s abdomen…

Crowdfunding & Marketing

A successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign reached and exceeded its $5,000 goal in 1 month, and funding allocation followed. Marketing and PR for campaign led to 7 press listings and features.

Branding & Products

Designed all film branding, giclée art print products and DVDs.

16mm Film

Film footage was shot both in HDV and on 16mm film using a Bolex film camera. A custom kaleidoscope lens was used to create a sense of haunting and psychosis. These film frames, plus still photography from the shoot, were printed as archival giclée art prints.


Cameras & Lenses

Both an HD video camera and Bolex film camera were used to capture footage. The 16mm film footage is used primarily as a means to convey moments of psychosis where the main character—and likely the audience—question what is “real.” Additionally, a custom kaleidoscope lens was mounted to the Bolex, adding to the “psychological unrest” and simultaneously creating a haunting visual aesthetic.

Pro-Mist filters were used on the video camera to create a balance with its filmic counterpart, giving the footage a “dreamy” glow. This “glow” also aided in nighttime filming, as it diffused light from the few battery-operated light sources rigged on tracks throughout the dark woods.

Events & Distribution

Managed premiere production and marketing, plus hired staff and performers. Post-premiere, film was screened at 5 festivals, provided an IMDb page, and made available to stream on IndieFlix.


Film Premiere

The film premiere for My Big Bad Wolf was held in Pozen Center at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. On display in the space were art prints from the film, plus various photography by Matuson. A merchandise table held DVDs, art prints, soundtrack CDs and crowdfund rewards.

The event featured an introduction by Matuson, with a spoken word performance by Lewis Morris. This was followed by a musical performance by band Moth Vegas, the duo that created the original score for the film; the band performed with visuals from Matuson’s “Liar Liar” series. 

The final film screened—the event was a success.

Behind The Scenes

Interview with Lead Actress Chelsea Ross Miller

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Overview: An interview with Chelsea Ross Miller, lead actress in the Geena Matuson film My Big Bad Wolf, also starring Vasilios Asimakos. The interview features Miller’s point of view along with various production clips.

Featuring: Chelsea Ross Miller
Post-Production: Geena Matuson

Off-Shoot Video

Color Grading Demo Reel

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Overview: A look at post-production work from the film My Big Bad Wolf, this color grading demonstration shows select, ungraded and graded clips side-by-side. You can see how simple changes in color can also influence the mood.

Post-Production: Geena Matuson
Music: Moth Vegas

My Big Bad Wolf

My Big Bad Wolf is a 36-minute, 16mm film and HDV psychodrama based on some familiar fairytales with original script and score. A girl starts seeing herself—a "double" of herself—and wonders if it's just a dream, or if her reflection has escaped into reality. Her own mind deteriorates and she is finally confronted—with herself.



The Girl Mirage

A Geena Media brand, The Girl Mirage is Geena Matuson as multidisciplinary artist using the surreal to explore the ephemeral and shine a light on societal perceptions.

Geena Media Studios

A Geena Media division, Geena Media Studios produces and manages all film, video and audio productions including scripting, pre-production through to post-production, publishing and distribution.

The Content Consultant

A Geena Media brand, The Content Consultant is Geena Matuson as strategic management, marketing and creative consultant for your content, your brand—you.

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