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Film & Video Production

The Box

This short, silent HDV and 16mm film pays homage to early experimental filmmaking and features original sound design.




The Girl Mirage

A Geena Media brand, The Girl Mirage is Geena Matuson as multidisciplinary artist using the surreal to explore the ephemeral and shine a light on societal perceptions. An avid experimental filmmaker, her work uses a variety of visual and aural components to engage the viewer while subliminally communicating an underlying message. Filmmaking techniques include multi-channel and looping video installations, Kuleshov Effect, and one-shot filmmaking, with mixed media including 16mm film, video, traditional and digital painting, photography, audio and sound design.


The Box

A girl is trapped in a box—or, is she? This 16mm/HD surrealist short follows Luna as she listlessly travels through different environments, trying to find a way out of "the box" in which she is trapped. However, this dreamlike journey takes her in a circle where one door simply leads to another. Does she truly find her way out?


Homage to Experimental Filmmaking

The Box is a short 16mm film and HD video that pays homage to Maya Deren; its cinematography, sound design, and jump cut editing work to seamlessly blend one environment with the next through its use of the Kuleshov Effect, both visually and aurally.

This surrealist short was shot on both 16mm film with a Bolex film camera, and digitally with a high definition video (HDV) camera. While the film was transferred to digital medium for editing, all film double exposure was captured in-camera using a black box set, and was not digitally generated or manipulated. The final cut features original music by both filmmaker Geena Matuson, and compositions by John Cage.


Film & Video Production​


Wrote both original and shooting scripts in script format with software Final Draft.

Producing & Funding

Research, strategy, development and execution for film product; marketing and distribution. Funding allocation; casting director, hire and manage cast and crew; location scouting; securing equipment.


Created all shot lists for both original and shooting scripts; scheduled cast and crew, created call sheets; coordinated location use.

Directing & Cinematography

Directed cast and crew on set and on location within designated timeframe and scheduling. Cinematography with Bolex 16mm film camera and HD video camera; in-camera double-exposure on 16mm film; nighttime filming on location; filming in black box set.

Post-Production & Sound Design

16mm film development and transfer to digital video; file management; video editing in Final Cut Pro; color grading; creation of additional behind the scenes and off-shoot video content. Sound design and mixing including original foley audio, sound effects, and music.

Publishing & Distribution

Final film screened at 4 festivals and gallery shows, generating an IMDb film page. Distribution with online screening platform IndieFlix; online publishing with social media.

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Tara Neves as ‘Luna’


Producer, Writer & Director: Geena Matuson
Cinematographer: Geena Matuson
Film Camera Assistance: Dillon Buss
Grip & Electric: Adam DePalma, Andrew Mui, Koeun Neak, Sam Weiner
Music: Geena Matuson, John Cage – ‘Music for Marcel Duchamp’
Post-Production & Sound Design: Geena Matuson



Shows & Awards

2013 | Best Student Film Nominee, Action On Film Int’l Festival, Monrovia CA, US
2013 | The Morehead Int’l Independent Film Festival, Partnered with KET & PBS, Kentucky, US
2012 | Film & Video All School Show, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA, US
2012 | Get Your Shoot Together, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Boston MA, US

Behind The Scenes

Tara Talks

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Overview: Behind-the-scenes look at The Box featuring actress Tara Neves, filmed between takes—along with a few outtakes for good measure.

Featuring: Tara Neves
Camera & Post-Production: Geena Matuson

Off-Shoot Video

Dances with Speed

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Overview: While setting up equipment for short film The Box, the crew tests the spyder dolly track and light source set to a peppy tune. This video can also be looped for a continuous installation.

Featuring: Andrew Mui
Camera: Adam DePalma
Grips: Koeun Neak, Sam Weiner
Music: Don Robertson – ‘The Happy Whistler’
Post-Production: Geena Matuson



The Girl Mirage

A Geena Media brand, The Girl Mirage is Geena Matuson as multidisciplinary artist using the surreal to explore the ephemeral and shine a light on societal perceptions.

Geena Media Studios

A Geena Media division, Geena Media Studios produces and manages all film, video and audio productions including scripting, pre-production through to post-production, publishing and distribution.

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